Belarusian Länderparty | Faranto

Belarusian Länderparty | Faranto

Time: 15. Mai 2019 20:00 - 16. Mai 2019 01:00
Location: Club Aquarium e.V.

Hello everybody,
we invite you to the Belarusian Länderparty. But where is Belarus even situated? Is it located in Australia or maybe a part of Russia? No, it is in the centre of Europe! A shame that only Belarussians see it that way.

You are all welcome to learn more about this fantastic country, eat Belarussian food and party with us.To make this party really special please wear something white.
So come around and get to know the country you haven’t heard before.

Länderparty is a regular meeting of international students to share their cultures and experiences through talks, dance, music, food, drinks, games and everything that comes to mind.
Organized by faranto e.V. of HTW Dresden, with support of Club Aquarium.

Always free entry